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Sunday, 26 August 2012

hulk and spidey..

hulk and spider man are two of my favorite superheroes....both of them are i wanted to do an art piece with the two..hope u like it.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

comic pages and comic art related stuffs

i love comics since my early days and love comic art...and i spend a lot of time on drawing  mature art and learn anatomy and story telling process.cartoon art can be done very fast, its just playing with the basic shapes, mature art also requires the same principles of playing with shapes like circle, pyramids, cylinders and so on, but we gotta spend another extra amount of time in rendering and shading these basic shapes. We need to spend a whole lot of time in making the page look nice and at the same time tell the story clearly, if we want to make a page look nice we need to spend half of our day towards it, but all the pain and time put on it is a lot of FUN:-)

colors to add life

my colored art works...thou drawing, writing and creating characters is my main area, i do color rarely for the fun of it... all the works above are done completely by me from drawing with pencil , writing , coloring so take a   tour..